Erik and Sarah are friends and allies.

Sarah generally follows a "hands off" policy regarding Erik's doings, as long as she doesn't believe any real harm with come from it.[2][3] In return, he does favors for her, such as making Jareth's clothes pink[4] or promising to wake her should he ever find her sleepwalking into their apartment.[5][6]

Their have a shared fondness for each other. Sarah tried to comfort Erik when he was down,[7] and she played along when Erik kidnapped her because she felt bad for him.[8] When Erik feared Jareth had abducted Sarah, he called Christine to see if she was home[9] and when he went to Paris to spy on Chistine and Raoul, he brought back a souvenir for Sarah.[10]


Erik is—the rush and the beauty and the joy of it—making music. Erik's part of that feeling for me and part of me and I can't not love him just as I can't not sing. I sang my heart out for him when I believed him my angel—not something that doesn't leave a mark. And I adore him and worry for him and wish him well but Raoul is the warm presence by my side, when I step off-stage, that I can joke and bicker and love and live with—someone who knows me rather than idolizes me.
Christine, Girls Next Door[11]


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